Our purpose at THE SUMMIT is to reconnect and minister to people who have been disillusioned or discouraged by their church experience in the past. We have clearly understood that Christ has called us to offer hospitality and care in his name. This is a place where everyone is welcomed. The joy of faith is contagious and we want to share that.

Youth and children are a special responsibility of ours. We feel called to support families through a three-pronged approach. We want to provide events where families can play together and have fun such as our concert series or the Fall Festival. Secondly, we are in a great position to offer parenting seminars and avenues of discussion regarding practical, everyday challenges.  We also want our church to be a place where everyone can grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Growing your faith is not an intellectual endeavor; it is the reality of a relationship.

•A Church without walls… Allowing us to go into the community to serve in Jesus name.  Matthew 25:39

• A Church without limitation… Come as you are to worship and study. Matthew 18:4-5, John 3:16

• A Church called to the future… Based on the foundation of the Word of God and the Reformed Tradition. John 1:1-5

We are open to God’s creativity and His call to the people of today. Everyone is welcome! Everyone’s talents and abilities are valued. Those who are looking to make a significant difference are needed.